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Welcome to The Hobbit Door House!

So glad you're here! I'm Debi and I have an obsession with curating, collecting, sourcing and selling the coolest vintage rugs I can find, at affordable prices! I've always been in the arts, with a passion for home design and decor.  About 5 years ago, we were lucky enough to buy a ridiculously cute 1930s farmhouse in northern NJ, which is filled with amazing details, including a big, round hobbit door leading into a sweet little greenhouse in the backyard.  I purchased a few vintage rugs after my new, store-bought rugs were dying at an alarmingly fast pace  (having 3 dogs and a yard filled with ALL the nature will do that) Turns out, they kind of changed my life! Not only did it give the house the eclectic and authentically cool vibe it needed, but the durability was incomparable. That was it for me! I was connected to a fab source in Turkey and the rest is history. I started collecting and selling the rugs that sing to me, started a tiny IG page and we’ve been growing every year since!

 If you’re looking for the vintage sweetheart to complete your space, watch my Instagram stories, check my website and snag your faves! They're all unique and tend to sell out super quickly!!!


What do we sell?

* Colorful, hand knotted, fabulous vintage finds that are one-of-a-kind and even better in person. Ask my customers! Almost everyone comes back for more :) It's a bit of an addiction, you've been warned!

* All sizes, from mini rugs through larger rugs – and sometimes we drop poufs, pillows and other rug-inspired items. It's a vibe!! Check back seasonally for our special items.


Here’s how you can get beautiful vintage rugs into your place:

* Check out what’s currently available in my shop and in the available highlights on my IG page– new rugs are added all the time. RUGS ARE SOLD ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.

* Follow me on Instagram @thehobbitdoorhouse and turn post notifications on for our account  so you don't miss anything, we post new rugs in the stories first. They are one-of-a-kind and SELL OUT FAST!

*We ship multiple times a week via UPS. We don't like our rug family to have to wait too long for their new additions! There is a shipping fee to cover our cost and it's usually very reasonable.

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Every vintage baby is perfectly imperfect in her own way, that's what makes them so FAB. each has a story to tell :)  

*Check our FAQ highlight on IG for even more FACTS!


The best way to stay up-to-date on our newest rugs? Find me on Instagram at @thehobbitdoorhouse, and send me a DM to get in contact!

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